Introduction to Bioresonance Therapy

What is Bioresonance therapy?


The human body is able to balance and heal itself in multiple ways however with modern stressors, pollution and other factors in our environment, our bodies quickly become overwhelmed and this often manifests in physical illness. Through the study of physics, even at a basic scientific level, we have discovered that each substance or living organism vibrates at its own unique electromagnetic frequency. This concept is being increasingly researched by many biophysicists so that we can better understand the ways in which various types of cells communicate. When our bodies are under attack by bacteria, viruses and parasites these pathogenic frequencies interfere with our bodies’ natural communication systems which then can manifest as different illnesses or imbalances.

How does it work?


The BICOM Bioresonance machine identifies the pathogenic frequencies that may be causing the negative symptoms one experiences associated with an illness or disease. Once identified we are then able to strengthen any healthy frequencies to support the body’s natural functions and reverse any adverse frequencies. It is through reversing these that we cancel the harmful waves and restart the body’s natural healing abilities.


What is Bioresonance?

How does it work?

What I need

The therapy works better when you are hydrated and therefore we request you have no coffee or alcohol on the day of treatment. We will need to place a mat electrode on your liver and kidney area which need to be on the skin so please wear suitable clothing.  Please complete our Pre-treatment questionnaire before your initial consultation.

What will happen

Bioresonance is a very gentle therapy but you may feel tired after the treatment.  We measure your energy level on arrival and treatment involves a basic balancing therapy, scar interferance therapy and geopathic stress removal.  We also support the vital organs; liver, kidneys and lymphatic system through a combination of detox and elimination therapies and commence testing based upon each case and symptoms currently being experienced. The final treatment will be based on these test results and consultation.  Please allow at least 1 hour 30 minutes for the initial appointment.


We are located approximately 20 minutes from High Barnet station.  We do offer a pick up service if required.  Please get in touch with us to request this.


Why us?

Why choose a Bicom therapist?

Bicom Bioresonance machines are known within the industry to be the leading therapy device. Any therapist on this site will have a Bicom Optima or 2000 and will have regular training and have to conform to very high standards of patient care.

Who we are

Part of a 17,000 strong network

Pure Bioresonance are part of a global organisation of Bicom bioresonance therapists consisting of doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons, naturopaths and private therapists. We share best practice and white papers covering all modalities to bring you the best treatment.

What we do

Bioenergetic testing and treatment

We offer bioresonance diagnostics for a wide range of conditions followed by treatment. This treatment involves an holistic approach rather than just targeting a symptom, our aim is not to suppress or mask a symptom but remove the cause.

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How we can help you

If you're looking to enhance your well-being and overall health, you've come to the right place.  

Pure Bioresonance provides a wide range of health and wellness services. Choosing from the many options available for boosting overall health and well-being demands professional expertise. Below are some of some of our primary fields of expertise however please contact us to discuss any areas of concern that fall outside of these categories.

Our experts are experienced specialists in this field and can be trusted to take good care of you and your wellness. 

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