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Andrew Wrensch

Andrew studied metaphysics, meditation and mindfulness with the Modern Mystery School for 5 years, where he was accredited with Healers 1 and 2 qualifications.  He went on to co-found Spark of Life Ltd, initially as a healing practice in north London with a focus on energetic healing.  

Spark of Life has since grown to encompass many more aspects of healing, complimentary and alternative therapies and more, and continues to grow as practitioners join the Spark of Life community.


His 13 years of experience in business development, management and marketing helped to launch and co-found

Pure Bioresonance.  


He trained with Bicom UK Ltd most recently to enable him to practise Bioresonance therapy.


Wendy Whitehead

Wendy ran her own business in the Health Care industry for 5 years where she worked one on one with patients with physical and mental impairements, as well as in palliative care.


More recently she has been instrumental in the growth of new business Spark of Life Ltd with partners Andrew & Peter, helping to induct new practitioners into the Practice.


Wendy's 12 years of experience in administration, accounting and business operations in various sectors including her own company lead to the invitation to launch and co-found Pure Bioresonance.


She trained with Bicom UK Ltd, the only registered distributor of the Bicom 2000 device in the UK, to practise Bioresonance therapy today.





Peter Simaliak

Peter graduated from medical school in 2009 which lead to further qualifications and experience in the Health Care sector.  He spent several years working in care and nursing; managing a care home residential unit until 2012.  Peter's passion for delivering a high quality of care progressed into a career in teaching Care, Nursing, and Clinical Health.  In 2015 he completed his Masters in Effective Learning & Teaching and is now a sought after lecturer in Health & Social Care.


Peter has since co-founded new business Spark of Life Ltd, a community for practitioners across London spanning a multitude of different treatments and therapies, and more recently instrumental in the launch of Pure Bioresonance.


Peter has also trained with Bicom UK Ltd in order to safely practise Bioresonance therapy today. 



Our focus is your well-being and good health. Your can depend on our highly-trained staff and our extensive experience.

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