So just what is Bioresonance anyway, and where does it fit in        in the world of Medicine?


Medicine’s purpose is to prevent, relieve and eliminate symptoms and disease by changing aspects of our body’s functionality.


To differentiate however; Western medicine’s primary focus today is to treat symptoms in isolation, by managing the chemistry and structures of the body.  It is also highly effective in its ability to save lives in acute accident and emergency situations and this cannot be discredited.


But other forms of Medicine, both complimentary and alternative exist and are increasingly popular as every individual’s condition is seen and treated as unique, and debates continue on whether these types of treatment can be more effective in the long term.


Medicine from the East for example aims to balance the energies of the body by unblocking meridians and strengthening the organs and systems. 


Modern Homeopathic medicine is based on ‘Information therapy’ and one of its concepts is that water has memory. It uses dilutions of substances in water to stimulate an immune response in our bodies, sending information directly to our cells - treating ‘like with like’.


Energetic and informational medicines both use biophysics, and see illness as a failure of the body’s self-regulatory systems.


Bioresonance stretches across time to draw together ancient Chinese (energy) therapies and modern Homeopathic (information) therapy to provide a unique cutting edge treatment which is not only painless, drug free and non invasive, but also highly effective. 


This type of therapy detects and treats energetic imbalances and blockages, it improves the function of our organs and systems and it provides information signals that instruct the body to remove pathogens and balance the body chemistry.


By placing electrodes on various parts of the body, and often on meridian points, electromagnetic frequencies can be sent through the body to enhance its existing healthy frequencies and reverse those disharmonious frequencies which may be causing the unfavourable conditions that make us feel unwell or unhealthy.

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