Professional Clinical Hypnotherapy 

At Pure Bioresonance, we believe that bioresonance can take care of the physical atributes but to really support you on the mental side, we have included a hypnotherapy practice to support you on your juorney to health and well being.


Oliver Dolby  BA (Hons), Cert & Dip Clinical Hypnosis & Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnotherapy & Timeline Therapy ®


Oliver is an international leading figure in personal development and personal growth,

having succesful practices in South Africa and in London, Olver now brings Hypnotherapy to Pure Bioresonance. 

Oliver has infuenced hundreds of people to achieve more of what they want after qualifying as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2007. Having trained at the world leading XXX Institute.

Oliver has a brilliant understanding of many aspects from every day stressors to trauma 


Areas that hypnotherapy can help in

Overcoming Anxiety Fear of Flying
Stress Phobias
Procrastination Boosting Confidence
Hair Pulling Blushing
Stuttering Public speaking
Trauma Weight Loss
Insomnia Recreating your Habbits


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