Joint and Muscle Injuries

The Bicom therapy device has had positive results with torn muscle fibre and sprains. However, therapists also use bioresonance as concomitant therapy with fractures. For example, one therapist had an elderly patient with a fractured pelvis whose pain was eased considerably after just two Bicom treatment sessions.


Sports injuries generally require between 3 and 5 treatment sessions. Bicom therapy speeds up the healing process significantly and patients are able to resume their sporting activities sooner. In most cases, rapid and long-lasting improvement has been achieved for osteoarthritis by using Bicom therapy.


"We treated around 20 osteoarthritis patients this year and obtained very good results with all of them. In my experience Bicom therapy is particularly effective during the active phase of osteoarthritis when the cartilage becomes increasingly degraded and the affected joints are badly swollen and inflamed as a result. It is crucial here that bioresonance relieves the inflammation of the cartilage and halts the degradation process. There are programs for this stored in the Bicom device. Once I have made a diagnosis, my assistants carry out the treatment. We frequently use the following programs: “acute or chronic tissue process”, “all types of injury” or, where the swelling is severe, also programs such as “lymph activation” or “lymph oedema”."


An example of a patient who benefited from this treatment is a 70-year-old man who already had advanced osteoarthritis of the knee joint. Following a fall when he twisted this knee joint a severe swelling developed with haemarthrosis (bleeding into the joint). After this fall he would actually have been a case for a prosthetic knee joint. Yet the pain and also the swelling receded completely within two days of treatment with Bicom bioresonance. This patient now goes every 6 to 8 months for two or three treatment sessions. In this way he remains free of pain and is pleased to have been spared a prosthesis and the associated surgery.

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